Coconut Tree Climber Distributor

Hello Everyone,

Cocoman: Advance Coconut Tree Climber
Fennec Robotics has been working in farm mechanization.We are catering to small to large farm coconut/ palm climbing requirement.

Advance user safety features – Independent User safey and climber Device safety
“Double grip locking” mechanism making safest amongst all existing climber machines in the market
Industrial standard Steel gripping and sling locking
Durable, Strong, Easy to use and Attach, Low weight, portable
Cost effective, less maitenance and no fuel requirement
Compact in size
Provision to keep tools
No special training required, females can also use
Available in different color combinations (RED-BLUE, GRAY-BLUE, BLACK-YELLOW, BLUE-YELLOW)
Bulk order accepted (capacity-500)
One year warrenty on manufacturing
Optionally available with various accessories – Cutting and plucking tools, safety harness, carriers, safety helmets
Excellent Post-sales support
Mobile App to stay connected with us


We are looking for distributors in various states/ at district levels.Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry, TamilNadu, Telangana, Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarath, West Bengal and North east, Orissa, M.P. Our upcoming product: Automatic Coconut Tree climber

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