Why Cocobot??

In olden days most of the activities are done by manually. Gradually so many big and small equipment are developed to ease human activities, thus to lessen the human efforts to do the things. Nowadays most of the activities which included human efforts are either replaced or automated by the use of machines or other kind of equipment. Due to the height and lack of branches, it is very difficult to climb on coconut trees.

A professional climber with proper training only could able to climb coconut tree. Due to the risk involved nowadays very less people are coming forward to climb on coconut trees. Due to the lack of professional climbers, the existing professionals may charge more from the owners, moreover as the educational background of Indian youth is increasing most of the people may hesitate to come in this type of profession. Considering this scenario, a device “Cocobot” which will help the user to climb coconut tree easily will be useful for the people who is having large coconut cultivation as well as residents who is having less coconut trees. This kind of devices will encourage more people to come forward to agricultural sector.